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​Pennsylvania Citizen Law Enforcement Advisory and Review (CLEAR) Commission

"Every Pennsylvanian deserves to be safe and feel safe in their communities – the CLEAR Commission will help ensure Pennsylvanians can have the utmost faith in the law enforcement officers serving and protecting them every day." - Governor Josh Shapiro

First CLEAR Commission Meeting

March 19, 2024, 11:00am virtually or in-person at the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Building, 3101 N. Front Street Harrisburg, Pa 17110​

The CLEAR Commission held its first meeting to begin its work to assist law enforcement agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction with improving their policing practices. CLEAR developed bylaws and created committees to review internal investigations of police-involved shootings, lower-level uses of force, and allegations of bias-based policing.


About the CLEAR Commission

Governor Shapiro established the Pennsylvania Citizen Law Enforcement Advisory and Review (CLEAR) Commission to bring together law enforcement experts and criminal justice reform advocates from across the Commonwealth to support public safety and ensure accountability for state law enforcement agencies who work hard to serve Pennsylvanians every day.

Created through Executive Order 2023-21, CLEAR performs reviews of completed internal investigations related to allegations of incidents within agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction.

The Commissioners selected by Governor Shapiro bring decades of experience in law enforcement, mental health, and community advocacy. This diverse group of highly qualified individuals represent areas from all across the Commonwealth, from Allentown to Johnstown. Commissioners include current and former members of law enforcement, an emergency mental health physician, a county district attorney, a founding member of the Johnstown Police Advisory Board, a survivor of police brutality and mental health advocate, and a former member of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association.

“The CLEAR Commission will provide the Pennsylvania State Police an opportunity to continue building public confidence and trust,”Colonel Christopher Paris, Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police 

The CLEAR Commission will continue the important work of the Pennsylvania State Law Enforcement Citizen Advisory Commission (PSLECAC), created under the Wolf Administration in 2020. Throughout its two-year history, in collaboration with Commonwealth law enforcement agencies, PSLECAC reviewed numerous investigations, produced 17 different reports, made more than 50 recommendations for improvement, and has since seen many of these recommendations on the road to implementation.